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Our Maine Coon kingdom is situated in a marvelous locale -- at the foot of the Alps, with a close view of Monte Rosa, the full range of mountains up to the Cote d'Azur and three lakes. Our property is in the city of Varese, close to the Swiss border, halfway between Milano and
Lugano. Our family is quite international: Franco is Italian with both Austrian and French ancestry. Sumiyo is from Tokyo and Mio and Benjamin were born in France, in Nice and Paris respectively.

One day in 1993, Mio was fascinated by some Maine Coons which she saw at a cat show and asked her parents if she could have one of those giant American cats as a present for her 12th birthday. As we are already amateur Collie dog breeder, we decided to wait until Mio's following birthday in order to get the best cat possible! In September of 1994, Realcoon BEST TIME of Wistariantale, a silver Maine Coon male entered our home and he definitely changed Mio and our family's life!

At that time, TIME was really "avant garde" and "cutting edge" in Italy with his extreme type and phenomenal attributes! At cat shows, he was a killer-boy! He did extremely well and became one of the highest winning cats in Italy and Mio's room quickly filled with trophies, cups and rosettes. With TIME as inspiration, we became passionate and successful Maine Coon breeders and went searching first in the
United States then in Japan, and lastly in Europe for founders of our little feline world.



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