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Kittens by :Quincy & Ghinga 2
For further informations on kittens, or reservation, send us an e-mail
Kittens by: Quincy x Ghinga (II)

The litter of Quincy & Ghinga is arrived on July 23th 2021. There are 4 kittens: 1 red silver/white boy and 4 silver/white girls. They are wonderaful and very thick solid babies averagely 120g, especially red silver boy is a huge one. Their mommy Quincy is always a great mother.

One day after her birth, also Lady had 4 babies as well and they stay together milking indifferently. It's a nice scene to see them embracing and love eachother !!





red silver mackerel tabby & white boy (optioned)


black (smoke?) tortie with high white girl


black silver torbie (smoke tortie?) & bianco femmina


black silver mackerel torbie & white girl




red silver mackrel tabby / white boy (reserved)



black smoke tortie / high white girl (optioned)




black (blue) silver classic (blotched) torbie / white girl (optioned)



black silver mackerel torbie / white girl (optioned)