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A litter of: Saigon and Genji 2
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Kittens by:

Saigon x GenjinIIgGGGeenGjiiGenj



The kittens of Saigon & Genji are born on June 5th 2011. There are 2 boys - one brown tabby/white boy, one red tabby/white boy. They are both wonderful typy thicky babies and they are huge as like their father. This is a repeated litter as the previous kittens became ALL OUTSTANDING CHAMPIONS (RW.SGC Tica, RW.QGC Tica, DGC Tica, CH Tica and Int.Ch)




PHOTO AT 2 DAYS (silver?) classic (blotched) tabby ...,,,,,,.brown classic (blotched) tabby with white

(optioned) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(optioned)



brown/white boy (optioned)


red tabby boy (optioned)



brown tabby/white boy (optioned),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,red tabby boy (optioned)



brown tabby/white boy (optioned)


red tabby boy (available)




red tabby boy (available) ,,,,,,,,,,, brown & white boy (available)


120 DAYS

Red Bullet (available)

Red Bullet will be a giant boy as like his father Genji -the World Champion. His red tabby colour is warm and he is a muscular, playful but a very sweet boy. His muzzle is wonderful with highly set ears for showing as well, but he is not for breeding.

,,Storm (placed)

Storm is also a giant boy who weighs already 4kgs. His ears are huge and well positioned highly. He has a nice muzle with a great chin. His body pattern is wonderfully contrasted as like Tempesta - his precedent brother who became RW.SGC.Tica. He has a sweet character and a very promising boy. He is gone to live in Moscow, Russia.

170 DAYS

RED BULLET (available but not for breeding)

He weighs 5kg now, biger and biger !! But very sweet cuddling boy too ;-))

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