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Kittens by : Zora and Eric
For further informations on kittens, or reserve them, send us an e-mail
Kittens by : Zora x Eric

Zora and Eric's kittens were born on 7th June 2005. There are four: two brown classic boys and two brown classic torbue girls.

photo at 3 weeks

photo at 55 days

PIXEL (placed)


PRELUDE (placed)

PIN-UP (placed)

PAPER MOON (placed)




"PIXEL" (as a pet) placed

He is the biggest kitten in the litter (4kg!!). He is sweet, playful and cuddly.


"PIN-UP" (as a pet) Placed.

She is a wonderful brown torbie. She is extremely sweet and very elegant.


"PRELUDE" (show/breed cat) placed.

He is a high-quality kitten. He has large and well positioned ears, a squared muzzle, very long body and tail. He has a beautiful, well contrasted classic body design. Besides, his character is exceptional, he is always playing. He is a very promising cat, like his Dad.


"PAPER MOON" (as a show/breed cat) placed

Paper Moon is a very friendly cat. She is always close to us purring incontinuously. But she is playful very vivid girl. She has large expressive eyes as like her mother. She has also a wonderful warm colored torbie coat.Now she is living in LION HEART cattery in Italy.

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