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Black Silver Ticked Tabby with white
Date of birth 07 .01 .18


The father of Tabris is RW.SGC. Cloistercoon JFK of Wistariantale and the mother is our CH. Wistariantale Duchess Kate who is the daughter of RW SGC Wistariantale Michelangelo and Wistariantale Tosca.

Tabris has an extraordianary head type with a squared long muzzle, and large ears. He has nice structure of a long body with full muscle. Also has a extremely long tail. Tabris stayed until 1 year of age at our place because of Japanese quarantine system. Now finally he is transferred in Japan at OHEDO Cattery in Tokyo. During his awaiting in Italy he was shown at Tica Show and got 10 finals on 14 rings. He was a very promising kitten, besides, Tabris has a sweetest wonderful character and loves to be cuddled. He is a happy boy to stay together.

He was shown at Tica show in Japan after his arrival in July '19 and got immediately the title of CH.




kitten class Tica
  • 10 finasi (09/18) (I)

adult classTica:

  • 4° (07/19) (J) ---> CHAMPION

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