The kittens by:lBoots x Roman Empire EmpiretGay

The kittens of Boots & Roman Empire (aka. Matita) are born on July 29th 2010.

There are 1 black boy, 1 brown classic tabby with white boy and 1 brown classic torbie girl.

Some of the kittens are huge and very vivacious wonderful kittens.



brown classic torbie girl


brown classic tabby / white boy


black boy



brown classic/blotched torbie girl (reserved)


,,,,,brown classic/blotched tabby & white boy (optioned),



,,nero black boy (optioned),



brown torbie girl (available) b bbb brown tabby & white boy (optioned)


black boy (optioned)



brown torbie girl (available),,,,,, brown & white boy (available)


black boy (optioned)



LORD BYRON (placed),,,,,,,,,, GRACE (available)

,,,, It's a big boy weighs 2500g these days ,,,,,,,She is a graceful wonderful sweety torbie

,,,, wonderful temperament & afraids nothing.,,,,,,,, ,,who likes to play and her morphology is ........................................................nice.


DARK EMPIRE (placed)

He is a huge, really giant boy who weighs already 3kg !!! He has a wonderful profile with squared muzzle with strong chin, with huge highly set ears. He's a big player too. His coat is also gorgeous and seems like smooth black velvet.


105 DAYS

GRACE(available), DARK EMPIRE (placed),,LORD BYRON (placed)


,,,,, 5 MONTHS

GRACE (brown torbie)

Grace is a strong boned healthy girl but on the other hand she is elegant with the wonderful morphology. Besides, she has a sweet charcter purring all the time.