The kittens by:lBoots x Sid EmpiretGay

The kittens of Boots & Siddartha are born on April 16th 2013.

There are 2 black & white boys, 1 black girl and 1 brown tabby & white girl.

Most of the kittens are huge and they are wonderful.




1 day

black & white boy ,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,black & white boy B


black girl (optioned).............brown tabby & white girl


6 days

black & white boy.A........... brown & white girl


black & white boy B


black girl (optioned)


24 days

black & white boy A (available)


black & white boy B (available)


black girl (reserved)


brown tabby & white girl (optioned)



black & white boy A(available), & white boy B(available)


blaack girl (reserved) .......- ....brown tabby & white girl (optioned)



black & white boy A (available),,, black & white boy B (reserved)


black girl (stays with us), ,,,,,,, , brown tabby & white girl (optioned)



black & white boy MINO (placed)


black & white boy AVATAR (he lives with his father)


black girl BEWITCHED (stays with us)


brown mackerel tabby & white girl TOSCA

(a gorgeous girl who has wonderful profile, huge highly set ears, very long body and tail. Besides has so sweet character, purring always. Now she is FREE !! )


135 DAYS

TOSCA (available) long and heavy bodied girl !!


Bewitched (aka. Samantha) stays with us

(a wonderful black panther !!)