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Kittens by : Gale x Tao
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Kitten by: Gale x Tao

One kitten of Gale and Tao was born on Aprile 11th 2012.It is a girl, in color of black & white like the father.


9 days


12 days


16 days


27 days



34 days

(stays with us)


45 days

HALFMOON stays with us


85 days

HALFMOON (stays with us)


100 days

HALFMOON (aka.LUNA - stays with us)


130 days

HALFMOON, aka LUNA is one of the last kittens of Tao who has already been neutered. Luna has heritated a lot from the positive parts of her father anf of her mother Gale. She ia a big boning girl who has huge well set ears, beautiful profile, nice squared muzzle with strong chin. She is an adorable vivacious girl.











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