Females: (scarly)
(aka. Scarly)
Brown classic (blotched) torbie with white
born: 07. 27. 2015


Scarlett is coming from the cattery Sarajen in Virginia USA. Her pedigree is very interesting with her father LA IW.SGC. Sarajen Ezra Brooks and the mother Highlander Redhead Ale of Sarajen.

Scarlett is a gracefull girl, elegant and very sweet, besides, she has the extraordinary body colour - brown torbie with white but almost like a calico; her red colour is so intens like a calico. In Maine Coon breed it is very rare colour.

Scarlett has the highly set large ears, a squared muzzle with strong chinand her profile is well pronounced. Her body is very long with a wonderful fluffy tail.

Both of her parents are genetically Negatives of HCM, PKD e PKDeficiency.

I can't thank enough to Teri of Sarajen Cattery that she gave me such a wonderfull girl.

I hope that she will give us beautiful kittens in the near future.

The list of her litters:

  1. Scarlett x Genji (2 kittens) ---> foto
  2. Scarlett x Tyron Power (2 cuccioli) --->




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