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Black Silver Classic (blotched) Tabby / White
Date of birth 05. 11. 19



Assam is a son of Vera e Sunny. Assam is coming from an extraordinary litter like Pekoe, Ipa, May, Darjeeling, Opal. Assam is an elegant boy with thick boning, with highly set large ears. His profilo is perfect with thick chin. His body color is beautifully contrasted with silver and black.

Actually Asssam is living in a family as a house pet but without spaying. He is too nice to be a house pet and I didn't dare to spay him, but for the moment I don't have enough space for a boy. So I found this family to keep him as like their cat and I will have some litters with our girls in the future. Assam is really happy be a house pet with a lot of affection and cuddles of whole family.




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