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Ghinga Assam
Red Silver Classic (blotched) Tabby
Date of birth 07.23.2017




Sunny is a son out of Michelangelo and Quincy. He is from the the same combination of the litter as 2016. It was a extraordinary litter then there were so many requests for repeationg the same combination.

Sunny is very muscular with thick boning and his body and the tale are very long. Has long squared muzzle with nice profile and his chin is very strong. He has a so sweet charcter purring all the time, and he likes showing himself.

After having the boys like Pai & Sirio, I was longing to have a red silver boy so long time. Now Sunny is arrived here to realize my dream.

Effectivelly, Sunny has realisaed the titolo of 8° Regional Winner kitten '17. And when he became adult it remained only two months show season but achieved getting 21° Regional Winner adult and in show season of '18 he gained the title of Supreme Grand Champion TICA at the age of 10 month. At the end of this season Sunny gained International Winner and with total of 3 titles he gained a maximum title of Lifetime Achievemento . Sunny you are so excellent and wonderful boy!!!

Sunny became a father of two litters in '19, are wonderaful like the precedent litter and some of them became champions. He showed equally be a great breeder.

Sunny is HCM & PKDeficiency N/N genetically. Sunny had the echo-cardio test by famous cardiologist Dr. R.Santilli on February 2021 and his heart result perfect.




The list of his litters:



Regional Winner kitten '17 (ES)

Supreme Grand Champion, Reginal Winner adult '18 (ES)

Best Red silver Classic Tabby of the year '18 (ES)(Int)

International Winner '17/18 (Int)

Lifetime Achievement '17/18 (Int)

Best Red silver Classic Tabby of the year '19 (Int)


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Black Classic Silver with high white
Date of birth 07.18.07

Dusty is a son of Rio and Sissi. Dusty is a very elegant boy with a beautiful big golden eyes but he still has the strong boning and muscles. He is coming from a litter of huge boys with high quality. He has been shown in Tica shows and had some finals when he was a kitten. Dusty is a chattering funny boy talking all the time with his great expressive eyes ;-))

Dusty has a wonderful square muzzle with a perfect profilo. His ears are very large and placed well in high. His body and the tails are very long with beautiful silver coat. Besides, he has a so sweet character purring all the time. He is a gentle giant cuddling boy!!

His mother Sissi has a Hetherozygos DNA of HCM, consequently Dusty has been checked his DNA and result NEGATIVE.

He will be shown soon in Tica and hoping having good results.




(kitten class)

  • 6°,2°,7°,2°,6°(A) (01/07)





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