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Males: Time

Silver calssic (blotched) tabby
Born 06.18.94

Time was our first Maine Coon and he is the foundation of our breeding program in addition to being our most beloved cat.

career was incredible - in traditional shows, he collected 18 BEST OF THE BESTS and became a Grand European Champion (the HIGHEST title possible in Traditional titles). And in TICA where he was shown only once, he became a Champion.

When he was a kitten, his ears astonished us: he looked more like a lynx than a cat and at times looked like an alien! Now we have more experience with this breed and we still say these ears were REALLY extraordinary! Time was really the "American wonder" which we expected: when he was 1 year old, he weighed 9kg and was incredibly long!

He had a huge body with strong muscles, huge ears, a square muzzle, large eyes full of expression, a long tail and.... essentially - Time
had everything which a breeder looks for! In addition to all of this, he was the sought-after companion to Mio: the cat who, with his beauty, character, pride, and independence all helped her iin growing up. He chose her as his mistress who raised him with care and affection among the respect of all of family!

To this day, none of our cats can replace Time in Mio's heart after he passed on in the Spring of 1999.





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