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Males: Dusty

Black Silver ClassicTabby with white
Date of birth: 07.18.'07



Dusty is a son of Rio and Sissi. Dusty is a very elegant boy with a beautiful big golden eyes but he still has the strong boning and muscles. He is coming from a litter of huge boys with high quality. He has been shown in Tica shows and had some finals when he was a kitten. Dusty is a chattering funny boy talking all the time with his great expressive eyes ;-))

Dusty has a wonderful square muzzle with a perfect profile. His ears are very large and placed well in high. His body and the tails are very long with beautiful silver coat. Besides, he has a so sweet character purring all the time. He is a gentle giant cuddling boy!!

His mother Sissi has a Hetherozygos DNA of HCM, consequently Dusty has been checked his DNA and result NEGATIVE.

He has been spayed and will enjoy a retired life. We're looking for a new family to adopt to cuddle him hole his life.





(kitten class)

  • 6°,2°,7°,2°,6°(A) (01/07)

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