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Females: Venus




Black silver classic (blotched) tortie tabby
Born 07. 06. 2014



VENUS is a last daughter of our Int.Winner & SGC Williamina Genji of Wistariantale and of TGC Coonung Nitingale of Wistariantale (aka Gale). We've waited to have a black silver girl out of Genji almost 8 years. Now we have finally got wonderful black silver torbie girl and we called VENUS as like the glorious birth of Godess.

VENUS has a fabulous coat color of black silver and red. She has very large ears, long body and tail, squared muzzle with nice profile and her temperament is excellent.

VENUS was shown at Tica shows when she was kitten and got 7 finals. We will bring her again to the Tica shows when she becomes matured.

VENUS is gentically HCM-N/N, PKD/N and we checked her PKDeficiency and she is Negative.


The list of Venus's litter:

  1. Venus x Lucius (6 kittens)---> photo
  2. Venus x Fitz (5 kittens) ---> photo





kitten's class :

  • 9°, 8 ° (A) (Jan '15)
  • 4°,10°,5°, 6°, 2°(D) (Feb.'15)






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